Welcome to QuadBlogging 2017

Since its conception in 2011, more and more teachers from across the globe have used Quadblogging to gain a genuine audience for their learners. In fact, over 500,000 pupils have used QuadBlogging to date! Whether you are a Nursery teacher in Albania or an University Lecturer in Zimbabwe, Quadblogging will Quad you and your learners up with three other classes matching your preferences selected in the sign up process.

As a group of four, each week, a different class will be the ‘focus class’ allowing the other three classes to visit and comment on the focus class blog. Over a cycle of 4 weeks, each class has their week as the ‘focus class’. Each Quad will have a ‘Quad Co-ordinator overseeing organisation of the Quad and YOU get to decide how many cycles are completed. When you have completed the cycles, you simply come back and register for a new Quad. Quadblogging will now be a fluid project with no set timings aiming to give each participant a flexible experience tailored to the needs of your curriculum and your learners.

Author and Educational Consultant Pie Corbett explains why he loves QuadBlogging so much:

Signing up is simple… Just fill out the form below, follow @DeputyMitchell and @QuadBlogging and you’ll be notified about your Quad details either through Twitter or through the Quad Co-ordinator responsible for your Quad.

QuadBlogging 2016 Quads below:

Click THIS LINK to view the Quads.

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