What is QuadBlogging?

QuadBlogging was born in 2011 and since its conception, over 500,000 students from over 65 countries have taken part. The concept is simple, once signed up, you will be allocated a Quad containing 4 classes including yours. Each Quad will have a Quad Co-ordinator attached to it. Once contact is made between the four teachers and dates set, one class blog will be the ‘focus class’ and for the week, the other three classes will visit that class blog and leave comments on the content. The next week, one of the other classes will be the ‘focus class’ with the other three visiting and leaving comments. This process is repeated until all four classes have had their week as the ‘focus class’. This cycle can repeat for as long as the participants want it to. Once finished, simply sign up again to be allocated another Quad.

Watch @DeputyMitchell‘s presentation about QuadBlogging in New York in 2013.

Author Pie Corbett explains why QuadBlogging is so important to pupils and teachers alike:

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  1. How do I sign up to get connected with other teachers/classrooms? 🙂 Would love to quadblog this fall!

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