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David Mitchell is the Deputy Headteacher Heathfield Primary School in Bolton, known to most people as @DeputyMitchell as Twitter is where he spends much of his time if I’m not in school or not on our blogs! He is also a Google Certified Teacher.

David introduced blogging to Heathfield Primary School in December 2009 and in this time Heathfield have seen a vast amount of interest from the media but more importantly other schools who are looking for a new tool to engage their learners. Heathfield recently featured live on BBC1, you can watch the footage below:

David has been lucky enough to have been presented with some awards from the work he has done with blogging with pupils. In November 2010 Heathfield Primary School received the Toshiba ICT Redesign Award through the SSAT, that same month, David was awarded a Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award and in March 2011 he was thrilled to have been awarded the NAACE ICT Impact Award in Primary Education.

In May 2011, Tony Parkin wrote a wonderful article about David’s work and this was featured in the ‘Innovators’ section of Merlin John’s Website, you can read the article here.

David now very keen to let blogging evolve at Heathfield and allow the pupils the opportunity to develop their use of blogs. Here are some recent blogging projects that the pupils led:

deputymitchell in (deputymitchell)

The Year 6 blog had received 1,000,000 hits in the last 12 months which for a one form entry Primary School is just brilliant. David’s pupils regularly present with him in different parts of the UK, most notably at BETT 2011 where they presented alongside him to a paying audience. Keep checking back on these links to see what other fantastic things they are getting up to.

David’s mission is to now spread the power of an audience on pupils to teachers everywhere. It is projects like this that have enthused and engaged learners at Heathfield Primary School. SATs levels in writing shot from 9% Level 5 in July 2009 to 60% Level 5 in July 2010. Blogs played a part in engaging and enthusing the pupils and allowed them to write to an international audience each night.

This is still just the beginning!

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  1. Hi David,

    I recently signed up for quadblogging (#83) and am the co-ordinating teacher. One of our blogging classes had to back out so we are down to three. It would be great if you would be able to assign us another class in the 11-13 year old range to blog with. I would prefer if they were outside the U.S. and Canada, but if that’s not possible that’s okay.

    Thanks so much,

    Rob Heinrichs

  2. Mrs.Goins says:

    We are one of the schools in Quad 88, and are so excited to be blogging along with other schools! I have been blogging for over eight years, and four years in the classroom. The level of engagement and authentic learning is amazing. I don’t have to make my kids write, they do it every day and every evening through blogs : o )

  3. David, I congratulate you, the BBC, the schools involved, and your country for appreciating a teacher’s work.

  4. Kathy gilland says:

    I am interested in quad blogging with one of my classes 12 to 13yr olds. I have set a class blog up using, would this blog site be ok to use? Can’t wait it sounds amazing!!!!

  5. Kathy gilland says:

    Sorry using kidblog

  6. Hi David,

    What an amazing concept you have going here? I have just started blogging with my children and have signed up to join a quad blog. My students are very excited about the prospects that blogging can bring to the classroom.

    Are the quad blogs still open to join?


    Arron Gardiner

  7. Lesley Roche says:

    Hi David,

    I have just been appointed ICT subject coordinator and am keen to get my new class blogging. I teach year 3s, is this too young? Any information about setting up a blog in order to join your quad blogs, would be greatly appreciated.

    Best wishes,

    Lesley Roche

  8. Jennifer McNulty says:

    I would like to get involved in quadblogging. I teach grades 6-8 in a Catholic school in Indiana. How do I get assigned to a quad?
    Thanks for any information,
    Jenny McNulty

  9. Chris Francis says:

    Could/do you link second language classes together? I will be teaching French as a second language to students age 12 and up. Would be great to start with written blogs and then record videos to share. Perhaps one or two of the classes could be French first language students who could help/mentor the other classes. Or is there another website that already does this?
    Thanks, Chris

  10. Sandra McManus says:

    Hi David, our AS/A2 geographers would like to consider joining quad blogging but wondered if you are likely to have any partners for us to join up with at this level?
    Sandra McManus

  11. Hello! We’re interested here in Florida! Our students are older than many I’m seeing on your site: ninth graders, around 15 years old. Do you ever match up students of this age with kids across the globe? Terrific idea–thank you!

    • mitchell says:

      Hi, yes, in fact I have a few classes around the age you are looking at waiting for a complete quad. Please sign up and I’ll complete the quad for you.


  12. Dan Allen says:

    Hi David. I just found your site…been searching for a few days in a desperate attempt to get my Grade 5 bloggers a fresh audience. I signed up, and I know it’s late for the September – December…just hoping to maybe fill any openings that might pop up.

  13. Peter McLean says:

    Hi David,
    Our school in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire is relatively new to the blogging scene. I have run a mahs blog for about 18 months (primarymaths.wordpress.com) but have been using blogging in the classroom for only about 2 weeks. The children love it and are posting every day. I have just heard of quadblogging and my class of year 4 and my colleagues class of year 5 are interested in getting involved. What do we need to do?

  14. Merridy James says:

    Hi David,
    I was just wondering if you are going to be doing another round of quadblogging for the new year and if so, when would the registration be? I was too late in my application for this term’s project and I’m really keen to do this with my class!
    Many thanks,

  15. James Atherton says:

    Hi David

    I recently applied for the next lot of quadblogging rounds, however our blog will only be set up in the next two weeks. My y4 class and I will be trialling it before the whole starts blogging.

    Shall I send in a second application once our URL/web address is up and running? I don’t want to miss out on these lot of rounds as I am eager to get it all going in Jan.

    Many thanks,

  16. Hi There
    Can you tell me – how this would or would not affect student privacy? Do you need parent permission? If videos of their children are on the web do you require parents permission? We have a number of Grades very keen to sign up from China…would be grateful for any guidance before we commit.

  17. Claire Jones says:

    Hi David,
    I’ve signed up for quadblogging for Year 6 at Layton Primary School for 30 children. We are a three form entry school and so if possible would like to sign up for 90 Year 6 children. No problem if not.
    Many thanks,

    • mitchell says:

      Hi Claire,

      Thanks for signing up! If you could sign up each class individually, this would mean each class would be in a different Quad.


  18. Rosemary says:

    Well I just discovered quadblogging and missed the current round. Will there be one from April to June?

  19. Carol Brieseman says:

    Hi David,
    I’m the coordinator of Quad 86 and have just heard back from Lorna Ockwell who is part of our quad. Sounds like there has been a little mix up as she is also a coordinator of Quad 78

    Shall we go ahead with the three of us or is there someone else waiting in the wings?
    (Am keen to adopt Argo Floats with this quad)

    Kind regards

    • Carol Brieseman says:

      Me again- Lorna has been back in touch and is keen to work with us after all. Yay! Makes things easier for organising.
      Kind regards

  20. David Kojan says:

    Hi David
    Thank you so much for this wonderful service. I am a bit late to the party this round because I just found about quadblogging. I would love to get my US high school history class going with quadblogging – is there any chance of getting connected over the coming weeks, or would we have needed to throw our hat in earlier? Thanks so much!

  21. We have tried twice to register but have received no response yet and are very
    keen to start. The form was sent by my colleague Rachel Miah.

    We are very keen to get going.


  22. Michelle says:

    Hi David,
    Sorry about this but I am in two quads (8 and 25). Can I just be placed in one? I must have registered under a different email too because at one point, my email wasn’t working.


  23. David Kojan says:

    Hi David
    Have the quads been assigned for the fall? I filled out the form back in June, and really want to have my class participate. Thank you!
    David Kojan

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