Pie Corbett share his thoughts on QuadBlogging and the impact it has had on Literacy:

To date, QuadBlogging has seen 150,000 pupils taking part from 5000 classes in 40 countries. Each round see more and more pupils and teachers engage in this movement. From humble beginnings with just 4 schools, QuadBlogging has become a project that is supporting pupils across the globe.

Supporting Quotes:

“My class and I just started QuadBlogging in January. I learned about it in the fall and immediately went and registered to be a part of the Spring blogging.

This has been an amazing experience for my students. Living in a rural area of Texas, with lots of cows around us, my students are learning about people who live in Dallas, Texas and a school in England. This is a whole new culture for them and it has given us great conversation in class. We have been able to discuss all types of things like what goes on in these areas to social skills with blogging, what is appropriate and not appropriate to post. This is my students first experience with blogging, and it has been neat to see them experience what blogging is really about. That it is more than linking to your favorite YouTube video. Thanks for all your hard work with putting this together, I look forward to doing this as long as I can!”

Cara Moreland (Feb 2013)
Technology Applications
7th/8th Grade

“The school’s ‘linking school project’ maintains close links with a school in inner-city Bradford so pupils acquire meaningful understanding of diversity. This is magnified through the school’s ‘quadblogging’ and its link with Jamaica.”
Ofsted May 2012
Page 6: Inspection Report of Haworth Primary School

Supporting video from Dr. Catherine Hart
Executive Officer
Crowther Centre for Learning and Innovation
Research Affiliate – HERMES –
Conjoint Fellow – School of Education, University of Newcastle
Member – ACEL Vic Board:

Classes breaking down their walls and showcasing learning, collaborating and engaging in deeper learning with a genuine global audience:

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  1. Hightlights of Quadblogging? All of it! The children in my class are absolutely absorbed and loving our purposeful learning journey around the world. Each day brings something new to our classroom. You can’t “plan” that!
    We are Skyping to meet our Australian buddies today.
    Thank you for introducing Quadblogging to us!
    Check out our action at – lots going on!

  2. Hey all Quaddies…present and future !!!

    I am so pleased that our class video can help spread the positive energy about this wonderful collaboration.

    Global projects bring knew adventures and learning into the classroom. Quadblogging allows that diversity to shine through and my students really took ownership of their quadblogging partners. They were eager to learn from and with them, as well as be able to share their own knowledge and accomplishments!

    What a wonderful way to blog with your students!

    Miss B

  3. Quadblogging offers so many fantastic opportunities to connect with others all over the world! My students are 5-6 year olds and they are learning so much from our quaddies. There is great excitement and engagement in the classroom everyday as we explore the different blogs and ask questions and write comments to our new friends. Our blog says it all –
    What an amazing initiative – linking students and teachers from all over the world. Thank you!

  4. It’s gone really well in our school and the pupils are genuinely excited about seeing visitors and comments on the site. In terms of impact, aside from the enthusiasm, I’ve got pupils who hav never shown an interest in English sending me work outside of school time to be published! Long may it continue – a fantastic scheme!

  5. WOW! Quadblogging has been awesome – an intentional response to our writing which is fantastic for the children to read. It’s authentic feedback from other students and we can’t put a price on that! The class have absolutely hung on every word written by their buddies and have avidly searched through each other blog for interesting ideas to compare and contrast to their own. We have truly gone global through this and their sense of their place in the world has really become a reality. Quadblogging rocks!

  6. I love the idea of quadblogging and I will try to implement it the next school year (we have wikis as a form of collaboration currently between 2 classes only- sure, from different countries). I will dig more into this as I find it a good way for students to connect. Making a classroom blog public does not ensure its reading – hence this approach seems more suitable.
    On the other hand, I still need to see how safe is for students (we blog on
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hello Miss B’s Class,

    I think your quad blogging video is amazing. 🙂 I learned so much about the overall quad blogging experience for your class and the sharing it has allowed.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  8. We haven’t been quadblogging for long but the impact on the children has been astonishing! The children regularly ask if we can blog something so that the children in the other schools can see what we’re doing.
    For example, one of the classes in our quad is in Hawaii and they have been leaving some fabulous comments for us. We blogged about our new-found mastery of the grid method in numeracy. The children in Hawaii had never seen this method and asked us to teach them! As a result we have prepared videos to put on our blog to show them. Learners as teachers!
    This is what blogging is all about. Keep up the excellent work Mr Mitchell!
    To see the comments on the blog follow this link and maybe leave a comment yourself?!

  9. The children have loved quadblogging as it has added an extra dimension to an already exciting prospect.

    We are linked with Patana Bangkok International School in Thailand, and the floods they experienced showed how the children were very able to empathise and think about people far away from themselves.

    We regularly ask the children to reflect on the world in assemblies, but the link with Patana Bangkok gave the children an extra reason to think about how lucky we are in the UK.

  10. Since starting the Quad Blogging experience in September 2011, two Yr 7 and a Yr 8 class have been actively involved with the challenges set by the four schools.

    When I set my first task, we ended up with over 300 comments:
    I wanted all of the students to think about their achievements and targets for the coming year ~ and I managed to respond to each and every one!

    A quick summary of our work this term:

    Very much looking forward to new Quaddies in 2012!

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